Tuesday, February 25, 2014

The White Elephant in the Room: I Masturbate

Being my normal bookworm self, I was reading a book Hooking Up (there are plenty, I don't recommend this one) and it was talking about how humiliated the author was about saying she masturbated and I realized holy shit, this is a real problem. I used to be the same exact same way.

What happened? What changed? What makes it so easy for me to say:

I masturbate!

Generally speaking, its kind of expected for guys to masturbate but girls its an interesting thing. For one, there are SO MANY toys that we have to choose from. Bullets, rabbits, and silicone; and it can all be very overwhelming. Not to mention men totally spank the nanky to videos of girls masturbating. But yet it still is a little shocking when girls admit to twiddling themselves. 

Get over it, dudes. 
Girls, grow some ovaries and admit to it!

It doesn't matter what your reason or what your style (toys are a must for me, before you ask), just accept that masturbation is part of a healthy sex life/drive. I will use this time to say that I often masturbate to make myself get tired enough to go to sleep. Very rarely Never does masturbating help calm my sexytime nerves but I will certainly put it to the test if I can't get up with a partner. Those are really my only two reasons unless you count the occasional sexting session or phone sex. At which point, yes, I really am touching myself. 

Should I share my self-discovery story? Should I tell you that there was a boy I was totally crushing on in high school that kept encouraging me and "tutoring" me? It is totally true. He and I would play a game of "Truth" over ICQ and it was just an excuse to get turned on. It took me a long time to really even begin to touch myself and would be even longer before I bought my first vibrator which would lead to my first orgasm. But through him, I was encouraged to be intimate with myself. Explore my body. I went through a "what does this feel like inside me" phase. In college, I went through a "I have alone time, I must masturbate" phase. Now, I'm a sexed up woman who can't always call up her partners and literally takes matters into her own hands. 

And that's okay. I won't deny it. I'm old enough, horny enough, and sexy enough to admit this. 

If you've never tried masturbating and have questions about toys, use the box on the sidebar and ask. I would be happy to share the details. If you're nervous to try, do it in a clean environment, try letting your hands roam in the shower. And if you're in a relationship, don't worry masturbating isn't cheating and mutual masturbation is a totally acceptable form of foreplay. 

Now I want you to share your secrets with me. Leave me a comment and share your self discovery story. Share your style. 

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