Saturday, February 15, 2014

Reader Response: My Orgasms

So I added this really cool gadget thing on the sidebar (see it there on the right?) that says you can totally ask me any question you want. Its going to get delivered to me and you can be totally anonymous if you want. Then, I'm going to be awesome and I'm going to answer those questions. Because that is what this fucking blog is about! Talking about this stuff!

You might even find this may not even be empowering so much as personal and naughty and sexy and any other adjective I could come up with to talk about sex. But I got a question pretty much immediately after adding the feature so yay!

Today's question comes from Brittany:

I admire you tremendously for posting about such a personal subject. When you first learned that you had primal orgasms, was it with a partner or self-exploration? I'm just so fascinated by your orgasms and how intense they are. Are you able to explain more on how your body reacts with such an intense orgasm?

The easy answer is that I had my first orgasms by myself. I didn't really have partners who really knew what they were doing until I went into college so it fell to me to handle it. I never really thought anything of it though until I was put on display with a partner for the first time.

When I had my first "walk-of-shame" is when I really began to shy away from them and feel a little more self-conscious about them.

And just like I mentioned in the post, with new partners its always a little intimidating but when they come back to me and tell me how hot it was, they can see that they were the reason for it so it is a win-win. It is really painful for me to try to be quiet. I can do it but nothing is as freeing as being as loud as my body (my soul) needs to be.

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