Thursday, March 6, 2014

Reader Response: Sexytime Places

You guys are really interested in the places I have had sex it seems. I wish I could say that I had more interesting answers but I will just keep being honest instead!

Today's question is from an anonymous reader:

What is the wildest non-bed place for sex?

See, I told you you guys were all interested in where I am getting the nanky on. I was literally just asked this in a game of Truth Jenga two days ago as well. Let's see. I can answer this in two separate responses.

Place I have had sex...
Well, I tried to have sex in a church parking lot once but it was a no go. I have had sex on the hood of a car as I talked about Exhibitionism. But, I'm going to say the first time that I had sex in a car it was off of a really humid country road and I was so tall that we had to have the doors open and we were being eaten by mosquitoes. It was so bad that he even killed a mosquito on the windshield that was there when we sold the car 3 years later. Don't ask.

Place I would like to have sex...
Well, there is random hot hook-up sex that could be in a bar bathroom. But I already talked about that too. (Apparently, I like to talk about having sex in places as much you guys are wanting to know!) I think that it would also be super hot to have sex in a public elevator that is being recorded on a security camera. So wildly inappropriate but totally would be amazing.

Keep submitting those questions guys! Ask about anything anonymously or claimed. Sex toys, fetishes, virginity, it is all game!

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