Saturday, March 29, 2014

Reader Response: Fetish Confessions

There are so many fetishes in the world. It can be a little overwhelming and I like to talk about all of them. I'm not going to understand every one of them, I'm not going to do every one of them, but I'm going to do a lot of them. But today's question isn't about me, check it out.

An anonymous Facebooker writes:

What is the weirdest fetish that a guy has ever confessed to you?

The hardest part of this is accepting whether or not something is weird. Just because I don't do it doesn't mean I see it as weird, I just see it as another aspect of being a fetishist. I mean you have scat, beastiality, pain, feet, bondage, etc. Anyone who was considerably tamer than me would think those are all pretty weird but I can't find it that way. But I was able to dredge up something.

It seems that cum is such a big thing for boys.

Personally, facials don't do it for me. I find when I see it in a girls' eye, I get worried for her well being. And when I see it in her hair, I suddenly remember how horrible it is to get out of my hair.

And it is probably for these type of reasons that cum funneling takes the cake for the weirdest fetish. 

The way I see the deeds are done and there is no need to play with it afterwards.

For those who are wondering, cum funneling is when a bunch of guys cum all over her hot twat and they collect it in a pan or bucket as it runs off. Bet you can guess what happens next! They funnel right back inside of her! That just seems tedious and more sticky than I would want to get wrapped up in after I've already gotten my rocks off. But that is just me. I support the fact that it exists and its out there turning people on.

And for those of you playing at home, this question has given way to a new feature I will run on the blog #FetishConfessions. Hot and steamy interview style confessionals that you can be a part of! I will always keep your responses confidential and anonymous unless you ask me otherwise. You can hit up the comments, the contact box, or email me! I do need an email if we're going to talk about this, I'm sure I won't disappoint!

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