Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Condom Etiquette

Sharing the Responsibility & Having the Discussion

The condom talk is something that you need to be having. Your health and the health of your partner should mean something to the both of you.

Image Credit: ABC News

If I tell you that condoms are an important part of being responsible, you're going to already know that. But that doesn't mean that dealing with talking about it is any easier. But it is time to work on that. There is certainly a first time for everything. It is also time to realize that the girls are going to have to share in the responsibility here.If you're going to insist that your partner wear them (and you should), you should contribute to the effort and buy them. Invest in your healthy sex life.

This revelation comes on the wings of my latest turns in the sheets. Let's call him [Max]. I've not written about [Max] yet but I should have. For the record, I decided to call him [Max] because you know...he fills me to the max. But anyways!

[Max] came over on a whim with no condoms and it fell to me to supply them, Thankfully, I had some on reserve. Personally, I prefer Trojan Ultra Thins but let's just face it, some men are magnums. Before I digress too much, the point is that we blew through the reserves and I really wondered what to do about. When of course, it clicked that I'm an equal part in this extracurricular activity, I should help fund it.

Have you ever seen Pretty Woman? It is time we pull a Julia Roberts and carry our own! This essentially means that he will never have an excuse. But carrying them is only part of the equation...you have to tell him to wear it. Here are some things to realize about having the condom talk...

1) Just accept that it is going to be awkward.
There is going to be the moment when you have to talk about it. There is going to be the moment when the groping stops so he can put a slimy balloon on his penis. It is going to be awkward. Get over it.

2) Be prepared for an excuse.
Not all men are sleazy. They won't all give you a hard time about it. There are some good ones who even have their own and won't make a move without it. But either way, be prepared to have to stand your ground.

3) Just say it.
Make it sexy or make it demanding, it doesn't matter. Just make it known that he isn't getting into your fiery love hole without it.

Sometimes I wonder what I was even talking about, then I remember: Girls, suck it up and buy the condoms, too!


  1. When my poor sweet husband and I started having sex (we were both silly stupid virgins), we couldn't figure out why the condoms were so tight on him! I had no idea they made larger condoms and the poor guy suffered through it for the sake of some sex for a few months until we discovered magnums.

  2. At least in every sexual encounter I've been in my life, I've always carried condoms around with me; because hey, it's always good to be prepared, and these days, you -do- have to be careful.

    Which reminds me, I need to stock up on some fresh ones.

  3. I don't know details but apparently you can them in bulk on the internet.

  4. See, I'd think of going that way, but sadly due to living condiitons and money, that's not totally feasible for me. That, and sadly I don't really have an active sex life, so like... a box of 12 will last a while.

  5. I trusted my first sexual partner completely (partially to my detriment) and I allowed it to happen the first time with no condom. It might feel good, but I ended up getting really nervous that I could possibly be pregnant when I was a couple of days late. Though I'm still very new to it all, I know better and will be much more prepared next time.