Thursday, May 22, 2014

Fetish Confessions: Teddy Bear Part I

I can't tell you how beyond orgasmically excited I am to finally be able to share this feature with you guys. I have had the esteemed pleasure of talking to some seriously brave folks about their behind-closed-doors secrets and it has been so amazing.

What you can expect to see in this series is people just like you and me who have decided they wanted to share their most intimate secrets. I've had a lot of fun bestowing names upon all of them and this will be completely anonymous on their parts. Please remember that if you want to participate you can always reach me by email or the contact form. I want to talk to you! As a note though, I like to talk to you guys and I get carried away, so you may see some or most of these interviews in two parts. Sorry, not sorry.

I'm not going to edge this conversation anymore. Without further ado.

My first little freak is Teddy Bear.

Teddy Bear's Fetishes: Bondage and being bound to the point of pain, nipples, feral/primal/bear, power play & wrestling, machines.

How long have these been a thing for you?

I first started exploring these fetishes in-depth when I was 19. I was in undergrad, out on my own for the first time, and I had just gotten my own private room at college (so I could look at prons without roommate interruptions!). Before then, I had explored them on my own, but it wasn't to a great degree since I grew up in a very rural area that had no exposure to these sorts of things.

Growing up in a similar location, I totally understand the no exposure. I had a friend all the way across the country order my first vibrator and mail it to me. Do you feel like it stunted your sexual growth or do you feel it supercharged you in a way?

Neither, actually. I think my sexual nature is who I have always been and who I would always grow up to become. I believe it was just a question of when I would explore it and who I explored it with. I can say having supportive friends to discuss these things with helped me feel more comfortable about embracing my sexual nature and nurturing it, though.

Do you remember when you first discovered this?

It seems I've been interested in bondage, nipples, power play, machines and wrestling ever since I was a kid, actually. I remember being a kid and watching cartoons or movies where the hero would get captured and I would be thinking "I wish I could struggle like that" or "if only I could save him by offering myself up to be captured." Of course, I wasn't thinking about the sexual nature of these things as a kid, but, as I grew into an adult, those thoughts changed and grew into sexual thoughts. (Btw, after reflecting on the 80's [when I grew up], it seems it was RIFE with homoerotic cartoons and movies.....)

Discovering my feral/primal nature during sex was not until my mid-20's. This side of me was always there, but it wasn't until I realized that I needed to merge my sexual and spiritual sides that this became a reality for me. This one wasn't so much discovered as it was an evolution of my being.

Can you pinpoint what it is about some of these that make them such a powerful turn on?

Being gay, I am very attracted to iconic masculine imagery. Images of masculine power are extremely beautiful, erotic, and spiritual to me. However, take that masculine power and restrain it or bend it to someone else's desires....and THAT is a powerful turn on to me. I enjoy seeing powerful males (myself and others) forced to accept the power/will of others. I never want to see a man emasculated, as that would be sacrilegious in my eyes (power is to be respected and nurtured, not destroyed). By that same token, I never want to see a woman defeminized (odd how there isn't a female equivalent of emasculate, isn't it?....)

The power behind nipples for me is because mine are totally wired. :-) For me, this fetish is mostly biological (i.e., nerve endings and responses), but there is also a spiritual/emotional aspect of nipples that fascinates me. In particular, when a man or woman lactates, that can be extremely erotic to me (especially male lactation). A HUGE fantasy of mine would be to have my strength slowly drained through men nursing from me. Part of that has to do with my nurturing personality, but it combines powerfully with my sexual/erotic side when considering my other fetishes.

Lactation is such a turn-on. I completely agree. But I could gush about it on a confession of its own. Gush, see what I did there! good gush deserves another! ;-) As for the machine aspect, this is a powerful turn on because machines can be relentless about making a man submit to them (i.e., the draining of stamina/willpower/strength and forced to bend to the will of another). The machine is just a tool to hasten or amplify this process in my eyes.

Have you had any experience with machines?

Only in watching porn.... /sigh. There used to be a site called that was pretty hot. I think it was rolled under the umbrella, though. There's a similar site there devoted to females and machines!

Another thing about why the bondage and power play is such a big thing for me.... It's because I WANT to be vulnerable to my partner. I want them to revel in the fact that I let myself be put in a position where my power was taken away by them and I want them to APPRECIATE the fact that I was willing to make myself vulnerable to them. Because I identify as such a strong person, I think this is one of the most precious things I could give someone...and they better damn well appreciate it! :-)

Because sometimes, you just have to have someone’s hand around your throat. Oh. I’m sorry, is that just me?!

Oh, sometimes I want someone's hand around my throat....sometimes I want my hand around theirs.... And when papa bear wants that, y'all better watch out.... /grin

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